Akio Ohmori - Rising dragon

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Rising dragon

尺寸:H85 x W31 x D8cm Limited Edition 100


0 0 0 H85 x W31 x D8cm Limited Edition 100

NT$ 157,000

ATM轉帳匯款、信用卡線上刷卡、信用卡分期 (下表為不含運費之概算,請以結帳頁面為主)

分期數 每期金額
3期 利率0% NT$ 52,333
6期 NT$ 26,976
12期 NT$ 13,772
0 全圖放大 室內預覽 觀看影音



Rising dragon
Since early times, the images of a rising dragon has been respected by Japanese people. A dragon rising up into the sky is seem to be lucky. I respected this image and have created the “Rising dragon”.
This is an old traditional image, but I have designed this work so that it would not look out of place in a modern Japanese house.
The constitution of this work that the half of the dragon is fixed on the mirror, then the mirror reflects the motif.
I think this constitution is a successful expression of a dragon flying at a very high altitude. So please put this in a high place.

Akio Ohmori’s words:
I like people, animals and objects which have tales to be told and backgrounds I can get a glimpse of.
I am also extremely attracted by functional beauty and inevitability.
I’m conscious of making art works that exist naturally in our life having functional beauty and inevitability.
As a sculptor, I like wood sculptures which are finished with lacquer, because they suggest to me that I am looking for Japanese people’s ‘roots’. As a material, wood and lacquer help me to express Japanese characteristic such as simple honestly, diligence, seriousness, honestly, modesty, wholeheartedness, correctness and gentleness.
I would like to create unprecedented works with my hands, that bring in the Japanese roots and inevitability as handed down to us from our ancestors.


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