Carlos Cruz-Diez - Induction Chromatique Série Gabo 30B

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Induction Chromatique Série Gabo 30B

尺寸:90x90 cm


90 90 0

NT$ 2,400,000

ATM轉帳匯款、信用卡線上刷卡、信用卡分期 (下表為不含運費之概算,請以結帳頁面為主)

分期數 每期金額
3期 利率0% NT$ 800,000
6期 NT$ 412,371
12期 NT$ 210,526
0 全圖放大 室內預覽 觀看影音



The Induction Chromatique (1963) is closely related to the phenomenon of “after image”, or retinal persistence. In other words, the retina of the eye, after gazing at a red coloured plane for a certain length of time, retains, even after it looks away, an image of the plane – in green; which is the induced colour of complementary colour.

The phenomenon previously described, takes place in two phase, however, the Inducgtion Chromatique brings it about simultaneously. In other words, it stabilizes and makes visible a phenomenon that can only be captured momentarily and in very special circumstances.
The colour that appears is and is not – it has a virtual existence – however, it is as real as the pigments used. This is demonstrated by inductive yellow, which is obtained by superimposing black, blue and white; inductive orange, produced with blue, yellow and black; or the induction of red by means of green, white and black.

The investigation of Couleur additive (1959) is based on the radiation of colour. When one plane colour touches another, a darker vertical line appears at the point of contact. This virtual line in fact contributes a third colour that is not in the support. By isolating this optical phenomenon, Cruz-Diez obtains the so-called “Chromatic Event Modules” responsible, in a way, of the continual transformation of the colour.


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