Laurent Martin ‘Lo’ - Magic Bamboo

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Magic Bamboo

尺寸:200 x 100 x 100cm 110 rotation diameter


0 0 0 200 x 100 x 100cm 110 rotation diameter

NT$ 384,000

ATM轉帳匯款、信用卡線上刷卡、信用卡分期 (下表為不含運費之概算,請以結帳頁面為主)

分期數 每期金額
3期 利率0% NT$ 128,000
6期 NT$ 65,979
12期 NT$ 33,684
0 全圖放大 室內預覽 觀看影音



Following the knots and fibres of the plant, the sculptures’ structure is shaped using tension and fishing rods. The bamboo is then dried for months, exposed to the strong Mediterranean elements. This intervention is the basis for the final pieces which are constructed with the organic material, fishing lines and metal and ceramic weights. The sculptures follow strict mathematical laws of movement and balance. His manipulation of the bamboo plants from solid canes to thin and articulating contours, creates mobile sculptures where the artwork consists of not only the bamboo itself, but also the intangible hollow space within and the shadows and silhouettes they project. A fragile harmony is achieved through opposites: flexibility and strength, fullness and void, light and shadow, movement and quietness.


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